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August 3, 2008

UPDATED: New Deep Zoom Composer Released with PhotoZoom Upload

On Friday, a new build of Deep Zoom Composer was released sporting some really neat new functionality including the ability to upload collections to Microsoft Live Labs PhotoZoom.

Download (UPDATED): Deep Zoom Composer (8/3/2008 Release)

Microsoft Live Labs PhotoZoom is designed to let users show off their photos with Deep Zoom and Silverlight by allowing users to upload their Deep Zoom collections to the web. To upload my collection, all I needed to do was login using my Windows Live ID in Deep Zoom Composer under “PhotoZoom Export”.

NOTE: Before you are able to upload a collection, you must first go to the Microsoft Live Labs PhotoZoom website and login to create an account associated with your Windows Live ID.

Once signed in, I can create a new album, give it an album name, choose image format and quality and upload. I can also add to existing collections.  

After I published a collection to PhotoZoom – I can embed that collection into a website or blog post to share the collection with others. Here is my first “test” Deep Zoom collection on PhotoZoom. It’s a panoramic shot I stitched together using Windows Live Photo Gallery from a recent trip to Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon. To view this collection you will need Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2.

You will be able to find any future Deep Zoom collections from me here on PhotoZoom. I’ll be publishing a bigger collection from my Central Oregon Trip in the very near future.

Currently – PhotoZoom Upload functionality inside Deep Zoom Composer may not be working properly. A fix is expected very soon. I’ll edit this post once a fix is released and you can also watch their blog for further updates.

Deep Zoom Composer also now utilizes the same technology developed by Microsoft Research for panoramic stitching – also seen in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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UPDATE 8/5/2008 PLEASE READ: The Deep Zoom Composer Team released a newer August build on August 4th to fix several issues with the PhotoZoom Upload. You can read their blog post about the updated release here. I’ve edited the above download link to reflect the newer release from August 4th.