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August 13, 2008

Stay up to date with Olympic Medal wins with the Olympic Medal Count Gadget

Donavon West, Sidebar Gadget-maestro, is at it again! He just released a brand new Windows Sidebar gadget designed to let users keep track of Olympic Medal wins from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Download: 2008 Beijing Olympics Medal Count Gadget

This is a great gadget for people who aren’t following the Olympics very closely but want to keep tabs on Olympic Medal wins. I’m not following the Olympics as closely as I’d like due to several things I’m working on so this Gadget is very helpful in at least keeping me “in the loop”.

You can also watch encore videos of the Olympics at thanks to a partnership with MSN Video and are presented in Silverlight. Also: don’t forget you can also watch Olympic content directly within Windows Media Center on PCs running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate. I posted about NBC Olympics On The Go a few weeks ago here. I hear TVTonic has released a 64-bit version of NBC Olympics On The Go as well.