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November 17, 2008

Grab some "I’m a PC" Gear!

Since starting the “I’m a PC” campaign a few months ago, we’ve been hearing folks were interested in showing off they are a PC with “I’m a PC” gear such as t-shirts and hats. We’ve partnered up with to provide just that. By going to the “I’m a PC” store on, you can now purchase a variety of “I’m a PC” gear including some offbeat stuff like skateboards and ties.  Who knows?  You may even find some fun stocking stuffers or gifts for the holidays.

I know here on our blog many of our readers are not in the United States and international support is super important. provides shipping to 84 countries worldwide. So even if you’re not in the U.S. you can still order from the “I’m a PC” store on 

Remember – you can also upload yourself to the “I’m a PC” website as well as download the Windows Live Messenger “I’m a PC” Theme Pack.