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Laptop Hunters: Meet Giampaolo

By Brandon LeBlanc

I’m probably not going to make it a habit to blog about each and every TV ad we do but I thought it would be nice to highlight the next ad in our Laptop Hunters This time we’re introduced to… Read more

The 2009 MVP Global Summit

By Mike Nash

Hi, Mike Nash I had the opportunity to deliver the Windows 7 keynote yesterday at the annual Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Global Summit here in Every year we have the privilege of hosting over 1,400 members from our MVP… Read more

Grab some "I’m a PC" Gear!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Since starting the "I'm a PC" campaign a few months ago, we've been hearing folks were interested in showing off they are a PC with "I'm a PC" gear such as t-shirts and We've partnered up with to provide just… Read more

Download the “I’m A PC” Messenger Theme Pack

By Brandon LeBlanc

To go with your Life Without Walls Wallpapers for your PC, you can now download the “I’m A PC” Windows Live Messenger Theme Pack that gives you a variety of Display Pictures and Backgrounds for your IM conversation Click above… Read more

Life without Walls Wallpapers for your PC

By Brandon LeBlanc

In light of tonight's new ad "Life without Walls" seen in newspapers today along with the new "Real PC" TV ads (see Chris's post); I've decided to make wallpapers for folks so they can add "Life without Walls" as wallpaper… Read more