July 14, 2009 4:00 am

Windows Mobile MSDN Blog Archives

As of today the Windows Mobile Blog has officially joined The Windows Blog. Not only have our bloggers made the transition, but much of the high impact content has been brought forward for your convenience.


Getting Started with Widgets on Windows Mobile 6.5 | MSDN

Windows Mobile RampUp Track Is Now Available On MSDN | MSDN

Carry Your Office in Your Pocket #1 | MSDN

Twisted Pixels #4 – A Button-Mashers Guide To Input | MSDN

Windows Mobile Facebook Application Update | MSDN

Just Say No To GAPI – What You Need To Know About AllKeys And Input Management | MSDN

Microsoft Tag Update | MSDN

Resolving Common Crashes Seen in Windows Mobile Watson Data | MSDN

Twisted Pixels #3 – Memory Mysteries | MSDN

Samsung’s Web Site for Windows Mobile Developers | MSDN

Twisted Pixels #2 – Doing Graphics! | MSDN

Twisted Pixels #1 – A Mobile Game Development Diary | MSDN

developer.windowsmobile.com | MSDN

Windows® Marketplace for Mobile Developer Strategy Announced! | MSDN

DreamSpark for Students | MSDN

Introducing Windows® Marketplace for Mobile… | MSDN

Microsoft My Phone | MSDN

Mobile Manager for Netflix | MSDN

Microsoft Tag | MSDN

Developing Location Aware Applications for Windows Mobile | MSDN

New Version of Live Search Mobile | MSDN

Survey of Web Browsers for Windows Mobile | MSDN

Windows Mobile Development Forum | MSDN

Press, Click, Select, or Choose?!? | MSDN

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