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Spotify your music on Windows Phone

By Andy Colley

Spotify is launching today for Windows Like other subscription music services, Spotify gives you on-demand access to millions of But the service, which costs $ a month, also lets you share your music on Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Messenger—and do… Read more

WordPress For Windows Phone

By Brian Seitz

Earlier this week the new WordPress app for Windows Phone 7 hit the Marketplace providing an easy way to update your blog from the The app looks great and take full use of the panorama view to help pan between… Read more

My Top 2009 Windows Phone Apps Roundup And Reflections

By Michael Gannotti

With the close of 2009 I posted a listing of my personal Top 10 Windows Phone To close out the apps mini series I thought I would set the context for what determined the choices (probably should have done this… Read more

Michaels Top 10 Mobile Apps: 1 – Microsoft Bing

By Michael Gannotti

Having saved my proverbial bacon more times than I can remember the Bing application for Windows Phone squeaks ahead in to my number one slot in my Top 10 Mobile Apps "The Bing app is your central stop for maps,… Read more

Michaels Top 10 Mobile Apps: 4 – Microsoft Tag

By Michael Gannotti

In the number 4 slot for Michael's Top 10 Mobile Apps countdown is a very cool application that brings a wealth of possibilities to events, the travel industry, and Microsoft Tag is a slick application that “transforms everyday things in… Read more

Start Screen PNG Icon FAQ

By Eric Urban

Update: Icon registry key and how to avoid the need for signing ‘privileged’. Update: As of August 10, 2009, the requirement for the PNG Start Screen icon has changed from requiring three to one (90x90) PNG This FAQ has been updated… Read more

The Race to Market

By Todd Brix

Today represents another significant milestone for Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and more importantly, the first big opportunity for We are now accepting application submissions from all 29 supported countries and have launched a Race to Market Challenge to kick things… Read more