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December 10, 2009

Geocast: Michael’s Top 10 Windows Phone Apps – Kickoff

As a mobile worker I rely heavily on the use of my HTC Ozone Windows Phone running on the Verizon network. The device allows me to communicate on the go with colleagues and clients. It allows me to interact with my social networks online as well as capture personal live events on the go. With all that I do using my Windows Phone I am often asked what applications do I find most useful.

In today’s Geocast I kick off a 10 part, 10 day, top 10 video series. Tomorrow, starting with number 10, I will count down through my personal top 10 Windows Phone applications. For each application I will introduce it, talk through it’s functionality and why I like it so much, demonstrate it, and tell you where/how to get it (hint: most can be gotten through the Windows Phone Marketplace).

Check out my geocast kickoff. You can also get started geocasting using the same Windows Phone phone application LiveMedia GPS by IncaX.



Michael Gannotti is a Technology Specialist for the Microsoft Corporation and the author of the blog SocialMedia Talk.