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September 4, 2009

Introducing The Windows Outreach Team and #WinWin7 on Twitter

If you happened to be searching for “pizza” on Twitter Search yesterday or are following the @mswindows Twitter account, chances are you witnessed the kickoff of #WinWin7. The Windows Outreach Team kicked off 7 weeks of Windows 7 by sending 7 piping-hot pizzas to 7 lucky Twitter followers.

And it won’t stop there.

Throughout the next 7 weeks, @mswindows will be giving away prizes all based on the number 7 (for Windows 7). Winners must take part in the challenges and are encouraged to invite friends to join in on the fun which all culminates on launch day – October 22nd.

Make sure you’re following @mswindows and tell them Brandon sent you. Oh and watch for the official #WinWin7 hash tag too.

Speaking of the Windows Outreach Team, how about meeting the supporting cast? You may have seen them on some of your favorite blogs and forums and didn’t really know who they were. Let’s change that.

Jeff D, Cody G and Ron S, are a savvy team tasked with reaching out to users and creating a real resource within the communities on the Web.

Along with Josh T on the @mswindows account, these team members bring a wealth of knowledge (both consumer and even a bit on the “techy” side) to the table. Anywhere from gaming to watching your media across your home network, these guys have been there and tried out the fixes and know what works and what doesn’t. You can bet on them to offer advice and an open ear, not a sales pitch and a bottom line – oddly enough, none of them wanted to be a snake oil salesman growing up.

So, keep a lookout for the team on some of your favorite blogs and forums and feel free to say “hi” or just ask a question. They’ll be sure to help get you on the track to whatever it is you need.

If you have any questions for the Windows Outreach Team, just send a tweet to @mswindows. Or leave a comment here too of course.

NOTE: The Windows Outreach Team also runs the Windows Live Twitter account @windowslive too.

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