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Flipboard for Windows now available

By Brandon LeBlanc

I am a news I am constantly reading through RSS feeds and reading new posts and articles from across the Web throughout the When I heard Flipboard was coming to Windows, I was And today I am excited to share… Read more

Facebook for Windows 8.1 now available

By Brandon LeBlanc

Hot on the heels of Windows itself, Facebook for Windows is now available to download in the Windows With Facebook for Windows , you get direct access to your Facebook News Feed right from your Start screen where you can… Read more

Twitter for Windows 8 gets updated

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, Twitter released an update for Twitter for Windows This update brings along bug fixes but also adds some new First off – Twitter has added the ability for you to sign-in with multiple To add a new account, just… Read more

Rediscovering the People Hub

By Lisa Stratton

I’m surrounded by people who love the People Hub, the phone’s built-in address book and quick-stop social networking But I’ll be honest: When I first tried it, I thought it wasn’t for Sound familiar? Then keep reading, because recently I… Read more

Twitter for Windows 8 now available in the Windows Store

By Brandon LeBlanc

As an avid Twitter user (just celebrated my 6-year anniversary on the service), I am pretty excited about today’s news: Twitter for Windows 8 is now available for download in the Windows The design of the Twitter app for Windows… Read more

Share Your Windows 8 Story

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today marks exactly four months since launch of Windows 8 and your thoughts, comments, and discussions have reverberated throughout social media with a lot of Now, we would like to take it one step further: we want you to show… Read more

Seesmic releases Seesmic Desktop 2

By Brandon LeBlanc

Last Thursday, Seesmic officially released Seesmic Desktop Seesmic Desktop 2 is Seesmic’s brand new client for social network It’s no longer about just being a Twitter Seesmic Desktop 2 (SD2) brings together services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more through… Read more