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September 14, 2010

Seesmic releases Seesmic Desktop 2

Last Thursday, Seesmic officially released Seesmic Desktop 2. Seesmic Desktop 2 is Seesmic’s brand new client for social network services. It’s no longer about just being a Twitter client. Seesmic Desktop 2 (SD2) brings together services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more through the use of plugins. Seesmic has adopted a plugin model (and created a platform) for Seesmic Desktop 2 allowing developers to build plugins that support all kinds of interesting services that people can use within the Seesmic Desktop 2 client. You can download Seesmic Desktop 2 here and give it a spin yourself!


A good example of a plugin for a neat service is the Bing Maps plugin. On tweets from people sharing their geolocation, you can click on that location in Seesmic Desktop 2 and through the Bing Maps plugin (which comes BY default in Seesmic Desktop 2); you can see a map showing where that person tweeted from. There are some fantastic plugins included in Seesmic Desktop 2 and also available on the Seesmic Marketplace. More than 40 plugins for different services are available today include Foursquare, YouTube, and more.

Seesmic Desktop 2 is built on our Silverlight Platform (Silverlight 4). Silverlight 4 introduced the ability for out-of-browser Silverlight experiences and Seesmic Desktop 2 is a good example that. Back at PDC09, I talked about Seesmic’s move to the Windows Platform. They introduced Seesmic for Windows. The work they did on Seesmic for Windows paved the way for their move to Silverlight with the release of Seesmic Desktop 2 last week. Developing the Seesmic for Windows client was a vital step in getting to the release of Seesmic Desktop 2. Seesmic continues to provide Seesmic Look for the more casual Twitter user – specifically optimized for Windows 7. You can grab that here. And definitely check out my interview with Seesmic founder and CEO Loic Le Meur on Seesmic Look.

Seesmic is a BizSpark member – you can read more about Seesmic and BizSpark from Dave Drach here in this blog post.