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October 1, 2009

Compatibility & Ecosystem Momentum For Windows 7

Hi, it’s Mark Relph again from the Windows Ecosystem Team here at Microsoft. Over the summer, our team posted a series of updates on our progress overall and with hardware and software vendors. In advance of the launch of Windows 7, I wanted to provide an update on our progress to ready the ecosystem of hardware and software products that work with Windows. While Windows 7 is designed to be compatible with the most popular hardware and software products you use every day. Compatibility is critical and we’ve continued our focus on making sure our hardware and software partners have all the resources they need to test and build on Windows 7. We have spent a lot of time with these partners in the last few months, including hosting more than 60 application compatibility labs, 6 logo fests, and outreach to partners in more than 93 different countries. In the Windows Ecosystem Readiness Program alone we now have over 50,000 developers from 17,000 companies using our technical resources to ready their products for Windows 7. This is translating into great momentum and real results:

  • We have been hard at work partnering with vendors to confirm the compatibility of thousands of products to work with Windows 7. 
  • As seen in our Windows 7 Logo Program update, while many products just work, we have thousands of partners meeting a higher quality bar by receiving the Compatible with Windows 7 Logo more than 6,000 hardware and software products. For example, we have more applications with the Windows 7 software logo today than we had at launch for any previous release of Windows.
  • On the hardware side, 9 out of 10 beta testers and early adopters of Windows 7 have the drivers available for all hardware devices in and connected to their PCs.
  • Here are examples of two partners, Sansa and Roxio who are ready for Windows 7 as part of the Ready.Set.7 program:



 All of this activity by partners and Microsoft goes to ensuring that customers continue to have a breadth of choice of great products available on Windows 7. To help customers find compatible products, we will unveil a new Windows Compatibility Center Website for the launch of Windows 7. We will have more on this as we get closer to launch, but thousands of products are being populated into the Compatibility Center right now based on confirmed statements of support from partners. If you are a customer, you can be confident that we are working with our partners to ensure you find the compatibility status, downloads, and helpful resources for the products you use every day.


If you are a hardware or software partner, please help Microsoft to tell our customers about your products. If you have not yet submitted your status – now is the time. Ensuring your product status is listed on the Compatibility Center so customers know your Windows 7 readiness status. You can visit the Product submission page to get started. If you are an ISV, there are some additional resources as a part of our Green Light program at