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Introducing Windows Product Scout

By Mark Relph

Let’s talk about Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Windows is choice – of how you want to use your PC, of hardware, of devices, of software and web It is our amazing ecosystem of partners that brings choice… Read more

64-Bit Momentum Surges with Windows 7

By Brandon LeBlanc

Are you running a 64-bit edition of Windows 7? There is a high likelihood you As of June 2010, we see that 46% of all PCs worldwide running Windows 7 are running a 64-bit edition of Windows That is, nearly… Read more

3 Things To Know About Our Ecosystem

By Mark Relph

Any Saturday afternoon you are likely to find me at the local Best Buy or Fry’ You see, I am a gadget nut and I love finding that next great product that helps me do something new or This is,… Read more

Compatibility & Ecosystem Momentum For Windows 7

By Mark Relph

Hi, it’s Mark Relph again from the Windows Ecosystem Team here at  Over the summer, our team posted a series of updates on our progress overall and with hardware and software  In advance of the launch of Windows 7, I… Read more

An Ecosystem Update for Windows 7

By Mike Nash

Hi, Mike Nash here from the Windows Platform Strategy Earlier this week, I was in New Orleans at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It was amazing to see the strength and scale of the Windows ecosystem at this event, particularly… Read more

A Comprehensive Look at Internet Explorer Beta 2

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, the Internet Explorer Team has made available Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 for all to You can read the IE Team's announcement of the new release and very important milestone here from IE General Manager Dean Hachamovitch on the… Read more