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October 21, 2009

What People Are Saying About Windows 7

Just moments ago, we launched a social media “hub” for Windows 7 on in celebration of launch tomorrow. This hub is designed to highlight what our customers are saying about Windows 7. It does this by pulling content from all over the web (via tweets, blog posts, etc.) of people talking about Windows 7 and bringing it all to one central location so you can see what everyone is saying about Windows 7.

Social Media Hub on

Note: To ensure the content and conversations we’re pulling from the web is relevant to Windows 7 (and of course appropriate), we moderate what gets put up there.

If you’re going to be tweeting (posting on Twitter) about Windows 7, I encourage you to use the following hashtags (if you don’t know what hashtags on Twitter are, click here):

  • #Win7: Use this in place of “Windows 7” or add to the end of any tweet about Windows 7.
  • #WinLive: Use this place of “Windows Live” or add to the end of any tweet about Windows Live.
  • #WinWin7: For our several fun giveaways we have going for our Twitter followers (US only, employees are not eligible), tweets tagged with #winwin7 relate to the contests. See Contest Rules here.
  • #win7tip: Use this in any tweet sharing a Windows 7 tip or trick.
  • #igotWin7: Use this tag to share once you get a copy of Windows 7.
  • #win7meetup: Use this tag when tweeting about the Launch Parties or Meetup initiatives.

We continue to look for ways to include our customers and highlight real conversations both during launch and long after GA. To learn more about how the social hub works check Marty Collins’ blog post here.

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