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December 1, 2009

Safer Online Shopping with Internet Explorer 8

Yesterday was what is known as “Cyber Monday,” which is the first Monday after Black Friday every year and is one of the top online shopping days here in the United States. Cyber Monday is when people move to the Web to make purchases they missed in stores during Black Friday. And many online retailers offer hot deals similar to the in store deals seen on Black Friday. This year’s Cyber Monday was impressive – as of 1pm yesterday, sales for Cyber Monday were up 19.6% over last year according to Coremetrics. A lot of online shopping was done yesterday (I did some too)!

When shopping online, it is important to do so safely and privately. It would not be fun having to deal with stolen credit card details or identity theft instead of celebrating the holidays with your family. Many people don’t even think about their browser while shopping online. But in fact the browser plays a very important role in keeping you safe and secure while making online purchases and browsing the Web.

There are 3 major threats people shopping online should be aware of: Malware, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), and ClickJacking. Internet Explorer 8 protects against each of these threats (via SmartScreen), making it rated #1 for malicious software and phishing protection. To date, Internet Explorer 8 has delivered over 275 Million malware blocks. And as of September, Internet Explorer 8 is blocking 1 in every 200 downloads that appear as malicious. Internet Explorer 8 also helps protect your privacy with InPrivate Browsing.

To help spread awareness about the importance of a browser that puts people in control, especially when it comes to keeping safe while shopping online, we’ve created this fun video:

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For a bunch of really great Tips and Tricks for using Internet Explorer 8 – click here.

Safe online shopping!

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