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Safer Online Shopping with Internet Explorer 8

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday was what is known as “Cyber Monday,” which is the first Monday after Black Friday every year and is one of the top online shopping days here in the United Cyber Monday is when people move to the Web… Read more

Stay on top of Daily Deals on eBay with Internet Explorer 8

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today we announced we are partnering with eBay to highlight eBay Daily Deals through Internet Explorer 8 using a Web The eBay Daily Deals Web Slice will keep folks informed popular products selling at pretty nice The Web Slice sits… Read more

Updated Version of Windows Live Family Safety Released

By Brandon LeBlanc

With yesterday’s update to Windows Live Essentials (which included the final release of Windows Live Movie Maker), we also released an updated version of Windows Live Family Windows Live Family Safety is designed to help parents keep their children safer… Read more