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June 3, 2010

Have a PC Question? Now you can Ask Ben Anything!

Choosing the right PC can be overwhelming – there are so many cool designs, PC manufacturers and hardware configurations to choose one. While all of my posts are designed to make that experience a little easier, I’m taking things one step further.

Starting today, you can submit questions to be answered in my monthly “Ask Ben Anything” column. Here’s the deal – if you have any kind of PC buying question, need a recommendation on a specific component (graphics card, processor, etc.), need advice on peripherals or software, send it my way and I’ll use every tool at my disposal to find you an answer.

Each month, I’ll choose three of the best and most relevant questions and answer them in a post, so everyone reading the blog can benefit from the answers, tips and tricks. (NOTE: If you submit a question and you would prefer I not post it on the blog, just say so and the conversation will stay between you and me.)

You can ask your question in three ways:

– Leave a comment on a post.

– Email me at [email protected]

– Find me on Twitter @BenThePCGuy

I’ll post my first column with user-submitted questions on June 10th (and then monthly after that), so you have plenty of time to get your questions in.