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Q&A: Britt Atack, 44, school athletic director

By Juliette Guilbert

[Part of our occasional series spotlighting real people and their real Windows –.ed] To all appearances, Britt Atack is an easygoing kind of He pads around The Northwest School in shorts, t-shirt, and a well-worn pair of Vibram Five Fingers,… Read more

Windows 8 at 90 days: Q&A with Tami Reller

By Brandon LeBlanc

As we’ve said on many occasions, Windows 8 represents a big, ambitious change for Windows and for We built Windows 8 for the next generation of computing – setting out to eliminate the boundary between PCs and And we’re just… Read more

Q&A: Inside the Windows Phone Insider

By Michael Stroh

Each month more than two million people receive email from Lisa Stratton—including maybe Although you might not recognize her name, you’ve likely seen her Stratton is editor-in-chief of the popular Windows Phone Insider newsletter and Insider With the arrival of… Read more

Q&A: The story behind Music search

By Michael Stroh

One of the many new features coming in the next release of Windows Phone— Mango—is Music search, a built-in song recognition feature jointly developed with researchers on the Bing We haven’t said much about it yet, so recently I sat… Read more

10 questions for the “queen” of copy and paste

By Michael Stroh

Many people have closely followed the rollout of software updates these last few months, but few with as much personal interest as Priyanka Singhal’s official title is program manager on the Windows Phone engineering Unofficially, she’s the “queen of copy… Read more

Ben the PC Guy Explains: PC Buying 101

By Ben Rudolph

Every month I get a huge volume of questions about how to pick the right   Lots of them are about specific machines, (“Should I buy PC X or PC Y?”), some are about features or specs (“What’s the best… Read more

Welcome to the first Ask Ben Anything column!

By Ben Rudolph

For those of you who didn’t see my intro post, here’s the deal – send your PC buying questions to , find me on Twitter, or leave a question in the comments of one of my posts, and I’ll pick… Read more

Have a PC Question? Now you can Ask Ben Anything!

By Ben Rudolph

Choosing the right PC can be overwhelming – there are so many cool designs, PC manufacturers and hardware configurations to choose While all of my posts are designed to make that experience a little easier, I’m taking things one step… Read more