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August 5, 2010

Ben the PC Guy Explains: PC Buying 101

Every month I get a huge volume of questions about how to pick the right PC.  Lots of them are about specific machines, (“Should I buy PC X or PC Y?”), some are about features or specs (“What’s the best PC to run program _____?”), but most are to the effect of “I’m in the market for a new PC – do you have any advice on how to slice through the techno-speak so I can find the perfect one?”

The short answer is: “You bet!”

If you’re attending BlogHer ‘10, you can attend my session on exactly this topic.  If you’re not – and most of you aren’t – Ashley and I got together to shoot a short video on the subject.  In it we run through some of the most commonly asked questions about PC buying, and offer up answers to help you educate yourself on what to look for in a new PC.  Take a look:

I’ve also prepared a downloadable buyer’s guide that includes my favorite PC buying tips and tricks.  I hope you’ll find it handy as a pocket-sized reference to take with you to a retailer, or as a place to take notes as you’re shopping online. 

And remember, if you have a PC buying question or a question about a specific PC or component, or about anything else PC-related, find me on Twitter, leave a comment, or Ask Ben Anything via email.  I always try to answer as many personally as I can, and your question might appear in a future Ask Ben Anything Q&A column.

One more thing – be sure to follow Ashley on Twitter, too!  He’s the bearer of good news for contests and special offers and posts regularly on what our customers are doing with their Windows PCs.