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August 5, 2010

Windows PCs, Live on TV!

This morning I took part in 21 (yes, 21) live TV and radio interviews with stations from all around the country showing off some of the latest and greatest Windows PCs for the back-to-school season.  Not all of the stations made their clips available online, but luckily the Microsoft News Center did.  Check out the clip to see the quickie version of what I recommend:

If you want more information, hit the respective websites for the Gateway LT Series Netbook, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, Dell Studio 15, Sony VAIO Z, Toshiba Portege R705, and the ASUS UL80vt.

Have a question about this or any other PC?  Post a comment, hit me on Twitter, or Ask Ben Anything via email.  Your question might appear in my monthly Ask Ben Anything Q&A column!