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Kicking Off the Hockey Season in Tech Style

By Kristina Libby

I grew up getting my bum kicked in pond Having three older brothers means one thing: you’ll never be the fastest, biggest or most experienced person on the Sometimes, though you’ll get to be the smartest (in my humble opinion).… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Screen Resolution

By Ben Rudolph

One of the most common misconceptions about PCs is that the bigger the screen, the more items you’ll be able to pack on After all, bigger is better, right? Well, sort There’s a big difference between screen size and screen… Read more

Video: Our favorite Spring PCs (and tasty salad!)

By Ben Rudolph

It may not feel like it when you step outside, but we’re only a few weeks away from the start of   To celebrate the end of 6-daylight hour days, freezing temperatures and permanently grey skies (here in the Northwest,… Read more

The perfectly-portable Dell Inspiron M101Z

By Ben Rudolph

The Dell Inspiron M101Z is a funny little   It’s not small enough to be a netbook or powerful enough to be a full-fledged notebook, but it balances both well enough to hit the sweet spot as an excellent travel… Read more

Windows PCs, Live on TV!

By Ben Rudolph

This morning I took part in 21 (yes, 21) live TV and radio interviews with stations from all around the country showing off some of the latest and greatest Windows PCs for the back-to-school   Not all of the stations… Read more