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August 18, 2011

Making Your Photos Amazing with Windows Phone, a Windows PC, and Windows Live

Your Windows PC is great. Your Windows Phone is great. Windows Live is great. But did you know that if you put all of them together you’ve got a pretty incredible way of creating and sharing amazing photos anywhere and anytime?

It’s true. And it’s super easy.

What I’m talking about is snapping a photo on a Windows Phone, auto-uploading those photos to SkyDrive (free online storage that comes with every Windows Live account) so you can access them anywhere you’ve got the internet, downloading them on to a Windows 7 PC through Internet Explorer 9, making them perfect and tagging your friends in Windows Live Photo Gallery, then one-touch publishing the finished product to Facebook so your friends all over the world can see them online or on their phones.

Check out the video for the step-by-step how-to:

See? Easy! I use this combination all the time to take, edit and share pictures of my kids.

A few things you’ll need to do to get this scenario ready to rock on your gear:

On your Windows Phone:

– Tap Settings, swipe to Applications then touch Pictures + Camera.

– Make sure that you’ve set your phone to automatically share to SkyDrive.

In Windows Live:

– Go to and get a Live ID.  This will get a Hotmail (or Live) account and access to your personal SkyDrive.

– Log in to Hotmail, then drag the Hotmail (or SkyDrive) tab to your taskbar to create a favicon so you can easily access your Live services with one click.

On your PC:

– Download Windows Live Essentials from  This is the way to get Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Live Mesh and the rest of the Live Essentials Suite.  And forget…it’s completely free!

– Connect Windows Live Photo Gallery to your Facebook account. Just click the Facebook icon to get started.


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