Posts in Windows Phone 7

Tips for using Rooms on other phones

By Juliette Guilbert

[This post was written by Lavanya Vasudevan, program manager for the Rooms feature in Windows Phone ] What if someone I want to invite to my new Room doesn’t have Windows Phone 8? It’s a good question, and as program… Read more

10 great Windows Phone apps for holiday shopping

By Michael Stroh

A confession: I hate Oh, sure, I enjoy getting stuff for myself (who doesn’t?). And I love seeing my kids’ faces when they unwrap something I’ve bought But the packed malls, parking-lot duels, and other end-of-year holiday headaches? No So… Read more

New Smoked by Windows Phone ads start today!

By Ben Rudolph

Over the last few months “Smoked by Windows Phone” has been a huge success—we’ve seen over 25,000,000 views of our videos and digital ads and run more than 150,000 in-person challenges in 45 countries Those are some pretty big So… Read more

Beep! Beep! Better traffic coverage on the way

By Scott Borton

Seattle’s traffic was particularly bad this Fortunately, with Windows Phone’s traffic feature, I was As the program manager (and lifelong map geek) responsible for the built-in Maps app, I thought I’d give a quick introduction to the traffic option and… Read more

Two Marketplace changes and how they affect you

By Mazhar Mohammed

Hi Today I want to tell you about two changes we’re making to Marketplace to help pave the way for new store features and new apps in the months First, we’re removing the option to shop for Windows Phone apps… Read more

AT&T to sell Nokia Lumia 900 for under $100

By Michael Stroh

Dreams do come AT&T plans to sell the Lumia 900—flagship of Nokia’s Windows Phone lineup—for just $ with a standard two-year This is an astounding deal, especially considering the slew of awards the handset has already collected, including the coveted… Read more

Windows Phone arrives in China; First phone on sale today

By Michael Stroh

China here we HTC announced Wednesday that they’ve started selling the first Windows Phone in the The HTC Eternity (codename) is an unlocked or “open market” handset with a screen, front- and rear-facing cameras, and comes stocked with a slew… Read more