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June 26, 2012

New Smoked by Windows Phone ads start today!

Over the last few months “Smoked by Windows Phone” has been a huge success—we’ve seen over 25,000,000 views of our videos and digital ads and run more than 150,000 in-person challenges in 45 countries worldwide.

Those are some pretty big numbers. So we thought “Why stop there?”

Today I’m proud to lift the curtain on a new set of Smoked ads that will run through the summer. This time, rather than challenge people at Microsoft Stores (or on the CES show floor), we hit the streets of Seattle, asking real smartphone users to complete common tasks like taking photos and posting them to Facebook, finding awesome places to eat, or connecting with someone on a social network.

In this spot, for instance, I meet Ramona, a new Seattleite who just moved here from Montana. After talking to her for a few minutes I quickly learn three things: she loves seafood, hates to cook, and spends her free time with her friends. So I challenge her to find a great nearby seafood restaurant and share the details with a few of her friends. If her Android phone gets it done faster than my Windows Phone, dinner is on me.

Take a look to see how things go down:

You’ll probably run into the new ads over the next few months all over the web, on MSNBC and MSN — even on Skype or your Xbox — but if you’re impatient you can check all of them out right now on the Windows Phone Challenge YouTube playlist.

And remember: if you like what you see, spread the word using the hashtag #smokedbywindowsphone!


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