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Wikipedia app wins Windows Phone Next App Star contest

By Michael Stroh

An app star is After three weeks and more than 600,000 votes, Rudy Huyn of Renne, France and his highly-rated Wikipedia app have won our Windows Phone Next App Star competition, edging out the photography app ProShot from Roseville, Calif-based… Read more

Competition: Design a game character for Chimpact

By Amy D

When I play a video or computer game, I often find myself getting really attached to the characters, especially the main I feel guilty for leading him astray when I get him in trouble and extra excited when I help… Read more

Get ready to “Meet Your Match” with Windows Phone

By Ben Rudolph

About a year ago at CES we kicked off Smoked by Windows Phone, and since then, we’ve run over 250,000 challenges in 54 countries, and the videos of these good-natured smackdowns have been watched more than 70 million gave people… Read more

Announcing the Windows Phone Monthly Photo Contest

By David Chen

For as long as Windows Phones have been sold, people have been using them to make beautiful We’ve been floored by some of the photographs our users have been able to create (especially the photographs our users have shared with… Read more

Calling all word nerds: Coin a term, win a Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

Three words you might hear in daily conversation—but won’t find in any major Not yet, at HarperCollins, the folks behind the Collins Dictionary, yesterday kicked off a new contest to crowdsource suggestions for newly-coined words worth capturing in their popular… Read more

New Smoked by Windows Phone ads start today!

By Ben Rudolph

Over the last few months “Smoked by Windows Phone” has been a huge success—we’ve seen over 25,000,000 views of our videos and digital ads and run more than 150,000 in-person challenges in 45 countries Those are some pretty big So… Read more