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March 1, 2013

Competition: Design a game character for Chimpact

When I play a video or computer game, I often find myself getting really attached to the characters, especially the main character. I feel guilty for leading him astray when I get him in trouble and extra excited when I help him succeed.

The makers of Chimpact are offering game enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to make an even deeper connection with their game—a chance to design your own character. The winning design will show up in the game!


In Chimpact, you play as a chimpanzee in the jungle, focused on collecting bananas and precious gems, and avoiding dangerous predators. Chimpact comes with four worlds to explore, each with twelve levels, and two gaming modes to play in. It’s a lot of fun to play, so if you haven’t downloaded Chimpact yet, look for it in the Windows Store.


Here’s what you need to do to enter the contest: create a chimpanzee character similar to those in the game, but with your own unique spin on it. Get creative! Any level of artistic ability will be considered for the top prize—they’re looking for a great character idea, but not necessarily a polished drawing of that character. Submit your design via email (or by mail in the UK only). You might end up seeing your character in the game!

For full details about the competition and entry submissions, go here:

The competition closes on April 12th, and winners will be announced in May, 2013. Now hurry up and get designing—and good luck to you!