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Competition: Design a game character for Chimpact

By Amy D

When I play a video or computer game, I often find myself getting really attached to the characters, especially the main I feel guilty for leading him astray when I get him in trouble and extra excited when I help… Read more

Microsoft Flight coming this spring!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Being someone interested in aviation, I’m pretty excited about this: yesterday, we announced (via Major Nelson) that Microsoft Flight with be coming to PCs for free this spring! Microsoft Flight is a new game from Microsoft Game Studios that will… Read more

New Games for Windows Marketplace Launches Today!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Back in October, we announced we were bringing the distribution power of Games on Demand to the Web with the Games for Windows The Games for Windows Marketplace is streamlined to provide an easy way for PC gamers to discover,… Read more

Windows PCs take New York

By Ben Rudolph

Earlier this week folks from all of Microsoft’s consumer businesses – Windows, Office, Hardware, Xbox, – were in NYC for our annual holiday preview event for consumer press and analysts where we show off our latest and greatest stuff, and give… Read more

BioShock 2 Available at 25% off via Games on Demand

By Brandon LeBlanc

The Games on Demand “Spring Sale” continues this week with BioShock BioShock 2 is available at 25% off ($ USD) now through tomorrow March 15th 5pm Redmond time (Pacific). If you purchase both BioShock 2 AND the Sinclair Solutions Tester… Read more

Street Fighter IV 50% off via Games on Demand

By Brandon LeBlanc

Last Friday I posted about the first of a series of hot deals that will happen at the end of every week this Last week it was a hot deal for Batman: Arkham This week it’s Street Fighter Starting today… Read more

Get Batman: Arkham Asylum 75% off via Games on Demand!

By Brandon LeBlanc

In a few previous blog posts I’ve done over the last couple months, I talked about or mentioned the awesome Games for Windows – LIVE game Batman: Arkham In early December, we introduced Games on Demand for Games for Windows… Read more