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January 5, 2012

Microsoft Flight coming this spring!

Being someone interested in aviation, I’m pretty excited about this: yesterday, we announced (via Major Nelson) that Microsoft Flight with be coming to PCs for free this spring! Microsoft Flight is a new game from Microsoft Game Studios that will allow people to fly over different regions around the world – complete with stunningly realistic region-specific weather patterns, foliage, terrain and landmarks. You’ll be able to choose specific aircraft to fly and fly these aircraft using highly rendered, accurate cockpits and authentic piloting procedures – or simply use your mouse and keyboard to control the plane in an exterior view. Whether you’re a beginner (like me) or an accomplished PC pilot, Microsoft Flight will provide a great experience for everyone!



Starting this spring, Microsoft Flight will be available for download for free. After downloading, people can immediately start flying around the Big Island of Hawaii with the ICON A5 – the first aircraft to be available in Microsoft Flight to players for free. Microsoft Game Studios worked with the personal light sport airplane manufacturing team at ICON Aircraft – the same folks behind the Voyager spaceship, X-Prize winning SpaceShipOne, and Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShipTwo. Check out the video below on the A5 in action in real-life!

When you sign-in to your Games for Windows – LIVE account (the same account you use for Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Xbox!), you will get additional free content and capabilities such as:

  • A Boeing Stearman plane.
  • Supplementary missions.
  • Access to Achievements.
  • Your own Online Pilot Profile.

As you continue to play Microsoft Flight, you’ll be able to download additional content such as new aircraft, regions and customization options as time goes on. There will be a steady new content released on a regular basis such as daily “aerocache” challenges and other updates that will add to your experience with Microsoft Flight.


Want to be one of the first to try Microsoft Flight out? You can apply to beta test Microsoft Flight here.

And check out this video!

If you’re going to CES next week, you’ll also be able to give Microsoft Flight a spin at the Microsoft booth, located in the Central Hall.

The concept behind Microsoft Flight is simple: give everyone the chance to experience the wonder of flight!