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July 15, 2011

ASUS introduces the next-generation G74SX power gaming laptop

This morning ASUS gave me the heads up on the launch of the new G74SX power gaming laptop. Part of the venerable and well-respected Republic of Gamers lineup, the PC features the latest and greatest in gaming technology, like an HD 3D display, new SandyBridge i7 CPU and NVIDIA’s new GTX 560M GPU that has a whopping 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM. It’s upgradable to 16GB of memory and two hard drives, too. The latter gives you the option to configure it in my preferred method – a small high-performance SSD for Windows 7 and apps, and a massive 7200rpm spinning drive for data and game installs. Highly recommended if you want the optimal blend of speed and storage.

G74 back

Design wise the G74SX looks a lot like the G73 (which we brought with us to Microsoft Preview last month), with a few subtle differences. The keyboard is still inclined at an ergonomic 5 degrees but is laid out more spaciously with tweaks, like a bigger shift key and extra room around the number pad, that hardcore gamers will appreciate. The rear venting system is different, too, and now sports ASUS’ new “Dual Intelligent Fan” technology that independently cools both the CPU and GPU. Finally, the underside of the PC has an “Easy Upgrade Cover” that is designed with repairs and upgrades in mind; just pop it off and get inside.

G74 open

The G74SX is available for sale starting today at an MSRP of $1799.