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December 17, 2012

88% of people who took the “Meet Your Match” challenge prefer Windows Phone

A few weeks back we kicked off “Meet Your Match”, which is an informal head-to-head customer challenge of many popular smartphone features. It’s a new take on “Smoked by Windows Phone” and it shows people why a Windows Phone is more fun, more useful, and more personal that the phone they’re currently using. So how’s it going so far? In a word…AWESOME!

So far we’ve run more than 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges & demos across the US, UK, France and Germany. That’s a big number, but what’s even more impressive is that based on these head-to-head customer challenges, a whopping 88% of the people who took our post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone was a better match for them than the phone in their pocket.

Germany - Best Photo (6)

Our Meet Your Match videos are doing equally well. They’ve been viewed on YouTube over 600,000 times and hundreds of thousands times more via our online ads, and 88% of voting YouTube viewers clicked the “like” button. They’re going so well, in fact, that we’ve decided to broaden their distribution. Get your popcorn ready!

She beat us before it started.

If you haven’t seen Meet Your Match online, you can check out all of the videos here. And if you want to come see us in person, there’s still plenty of time to do so – we’re across the US through the end of December, and challenges are ramping up in the UK, France and Germany.


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