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July 18, 2012

Calling all word nerds: Coin a term, win a Windows Phone

Chillax. Superphone. Mantyhose.

Three words you might hear in daily conversation—but won’t find in any major dictionary. Not yet, at least.

HarperCollins, the folks behind the Collins Dictionary, yesterday kicked off a new contest to crowdsource suggestions for newly-coined words worth capturing in their popular reference guide. For a limited time, armchair lexicographers who submit their pet neologisms have a chance to win a Nokia Lumia phone. 

Collins—which has official English-Spanish and English-French dictionary apps in Marketplace— is giving away a prize a day between July 17 and August 31. Anybody who submits a word is automatically entered into the daily drawing. So the more words you enter (or coin), the better. Click here to submit one or browse the latest suggestions. On two of the days—today and July 26—the winner of the drawing gets a new Windows Phone.

Even if you don’t win a phone, you still have a shot at everlasting fame. Collins editors will sift through all the submissions and publish their favorites in the online version of their dictionary. The submitter’s name will be “recorded forever” beside the entry. You’ll find more details about the contest on the Collins Dictionary blog.

What word do you want to be remembered for?