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October 7, 2011

Kicking Off the Hockey Season in Tech Style

I grew up getting my bum kicked in pond hockey. Having three older brothers means one thing: you’ll never be the fastest, biggest or most experienced person on the lake. Sometimes, though you’ll get to be the smartest (in my humble opinion). I’ve been known to have scored a crafty goal or two and I’m always happy to don my (figure) skates and head out on the ice. Still, I must admit I’m a pretty lax hockey fan. I’ll watch it if stuck in a room of Canucks or if I happen to be eating peanuts at a bar. However, I like any occasion to celebrate the sport and so this post is dedicated to the first day of hockey and my three favorite NHL players.

1.) Henrik Lundqvist is the goalie behind the New York Rangers – a tough player but more than that a suave goalie and a bit of a hunk (can I say that on a corporate blog?!). If he were a PC, he’d be without question the sleek, tough Samsung 9 – a PC for the casual adventurer, the tough competitor and the man who looks equally at home on the catwalk of NYC or in the goal cage.


2.) Sidney Crosby will forever have a soft place in my heart as he came to fame while I was doing my undergrad at Dalhousie University in Halifax and the province just loved him. He’s young but gifted in his ability to see the game, know the game changing moves and succeed time and time again. What the boy lacks in age, he makes up for in paralleled vision. If you have seen, touched and played with the Sony VAIO Z you’ll get the comparison. It’s a fast, sleek PC that’s really the top of its class. Even the mouse pad grabs you and silently says – I’m the best, test me.


3.) Alex Ovechkin lived in Washington, DC at the same time I did and had the sort of fame in the city that is rare. He’s popular on both sides of the aisle (the political aisle that is) and is sort of universally appreciated for this talent on the Capitals. He’s a big guy, rugged, fast and ferocious. The best PC for him is a toss-up but I’m thinking he’d appreciate the compliment of being compared to a Panasonic Toughbook CF19 (a convertible tablet). It’s a big PC with a lot of cool functionality and more than anything it just gets the job done.


I’d love to hear your favorite players and teams this season. Who do you think will clinch the Stanley Cup? Let me know if the comments of tweet me @kristinalibby.