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August 17, 2010

From Amazon: An ASUS U Bamboo for Fall

On HGTV’s Color Splash, David Bromstad takes boring white spaces and makes viewers fall in love with color and texture all over again. In much the same way that he rejects white and steel conformity, I’m resolute that your PC should always make a statement about you. We expect interesting details and textures on our clothing – your desktop or laptop should be no different. Thankfully, PC makers and retailers are also determined not to put you in a white or steel box and we love them for that. And when beautiful PCs are a beautiful deal, we love them even more.

If you watch Mad Men and think of those as the good old days for style, then I have just the laptop for you. Starting today –and going until September 5 or while supplies last—you can grab the 14” ASUS U43JC-X1 on for $999. When you buy, Amazon will throw in a $150 Amazon gift certificate that you can use for a future Amazon purchase. Things like a briefcase to carry it in, a vintage sweater, a new Arc mouse and keyboard or Pride and Prejudice’s Vampires. If you haven’t heard of the ASUS U43JC-X1, it might be because we usually refer to it as the “U Bamboo”. Bamboo is a sustainable material with terrific strength properties which makes it a great choice for a PC. And the U Bamboo’s look will make any plain white box positively brown with envy. By incorporating an unexpected material and texture into the case, ASUS has taken creative, arresting design to a new level. On a practical level, the U Bamboo also features long- life battery performance and it’s powerful enough for work and play.

I tend to lean heavily on classic vintage for my wardrobe, and I am more likely to dress up than dress down when not at work (Microsoft is, regrettably, dedicated to a jeans and polo workplace). If you’re also a slacks and vintage sweater kind of guy (or just love a nicely tailored charcoal suit), the U Bamboo is the right laptop for you. Pair it with a nice briefcase and you’ll turn heads at the office or Starbucks. As for the mechanics of the U Bamboo, Ben has a review for you will have a PC review up shortly.

This offer is only available in the U.S. and if you’re sold, you can go here to buy.

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