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Lumia 1520

Another look at the Lumia 1520

By Brandon LeBlanc

When it comes to smartphones, is bigger better? I wanted to find So a few months ago, I switched to the Lumia The Lumia 1520 is one of the biggest smartphones on the market and the biggest Windows Phone device… Read more

5 tips for tip-top typing on Windows Phone

By Dylan Romero

When I was tapping out "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" over and over again in my elementary school typing class, my backspace button saw some heavy Nowadays, autocorrect is there to fix any false taps from… Read more

Announcing the new All-in-One Media Keyboard

By Brandon LeBlanc

People love to show off their photos and videos to friends and family and a common way to do this is by connecting a device like a laptop or tablet to a Today, we’re announcing the All-in-One Media Keyboard that… Read more

Why I love today’s Windows 8.1 Update

By Amy D

Last week we heard from Brandon LeBlanc about the new Windows In his post, he gives details on the update that offers refinements to the current Windows I’m happy to let you know that the update is beginning to roll… Read more

Over 7,000 languages, just 1 Windows

By Andrew Smith

Hi, I’m Andrew, a first-time blogger on The Windows Blog, and today it’s time for something completely different (well, not completely different: but as far as I can tell the last time we talked about languages was Windows Vista). I’m… Read more

Windows 8.1 is great for touch, mouse, and keyboard

By Amy D

When I got my new touch laptop for work, I was expecting an adjustment period while I learned to use touch gestures alongside the mouse and keyboard I’m more familiar I was a little worried that it would make using… Read more

Announcing the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

By Brandon LeBlanc

Microsoft has years of experience creating ergonomic keyboards and mice designed to promote healthy computing These products are designed based off extensive And today we are making some of this research available in the Microsoft Healthy Computing Survey so you… Read more

Continuing the Windows 8 vision with Windows 8.1

By Antoine Leblond

Before we launched Windows 7, we envisioned what the next version of Windows would need to We made a bet that the PC landscape and industry would undergo a significant transformation driven by an increase in That bet underscores the… Read more