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January 12, 2011

A Mom’s View: Why Windows?

Talking with other moms over the weekend at CES there was one thing clear: moms generally love Windows because of the connected experience it provides across the PC, phone and cloud, which provides access to all your stuff (photos, music, files) from anywhere. This week, mom blogger Rebecca Levey (, wrote a review of Windows 7 and Windows Phone and shared her thoughts on connected technologies shown at CES 2011. Becca has been a Mac user for several years and only recently began to use a Windows 7 PC and Windows Phone 7. Check out Becca’s CES/Windows review, “Getting Social at CES: Rebecca Levey Shares Her Takeaways About Web-Connected Technology” below and on Mom Blogger Magazine. If you’re a mom using Windows, I’d love to hear about your favorite Windows 7 PC (netbook, notebook, touch PC, slate?), or feature in Windows 7, Windows Live or Windows Phone 7!

Rebecca Levey on the Windows Experience (for full article click here):

Windows 7 Live and Windows Phone 7 – I should confess, as I did to Microsoft when they first approached me, that I have always been a hardcore Apple girl. But, for the last six months I’ve been using Windows 7 Live Writer and Photo Gallery for my blog writing and photo sharing and loving them. Live Writer has freed me up to write my blog posts on the run and have them perfectly formatted and ready to go the moment I’m back in Wi-Fi territory. And they are saved to the cloud in that perfectly formatted way. And then there’s the Windows Phone 7 that I’ve been testing on loan from Microsoft. Aside from the completely gorgeous intuitive and efficient interface I love the automatic integration with Facebook. All of my contacts have their Facebook pictures attached, I can see their updates in one tab and if their profile pic changes I see that instantaneously on their “tile”. Plus all the photos you take automatically upload to SkyDrive and merge with Photo Gallery. That phone was THE conversation starter at CES.

Also worth checking out is a series of podcasts from The Blogging Angels. The Blogging Angels consist of four phenomenal mom bloggers: Rebecca Levey (Beccarama), Amy Oztan (SelfishMom), Heidi Leder (Coast2Coast Mom), and Nancy Friedman (From Hip to Housewife). Podcasting from CES, the Blogging Angels reviewed their favorite technologies on the show floor as well as the panels at the MommyTech Summit. They also shared thoughts on what it was like to work the Microsoft booth and talk to attendees about their favorite features in Windows. I was invited to join the Day 2 podcast, where we discussed the evolution of the female role at CES (fewer booth babes and more professional women in attendance) and some of our favorite products featured at this year’s event. For The Blogging Angels Podcast on CES, click here.



*Amy Oztan (Selfish Mom) and Nancy Friedman (From Hip to Housewife) showing attendees their favorite features in Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.


*Lisa with the Blogging Angels, at CES 2011.