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March 30, 2011

Hotmail Sweep: Messiest Desk In America Launches!


We are now in the first few weeks of spring! Depending on where you are, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping or you are still waiting for three feet of snow to melt. Regardless of the weather outside, there is still a lot to do inside and I’m definitely not talking about re-grouting the bathroom or throwing out old clothes. Instead, we are talking about cleaning out your email inbox!

Compulsive hoarding has gotten a lot of attention recently, but did you know that 3 million Americans suffer from the disorder? Sounds astounding until you think about this: 20x as many people ADMIT to being email hoarders. I hate to say there is an email hoarding epidemic but, folks this is huge and lucky for you Hotmail is coming to the rescue!

Hotmail wants you to participate in the Spring Cleaning Contest by submitting a photo of your messy desk, learning how to de-clutter your inbox and for one lucky winner actually de-clutter your home. (I’m talking $2,500 worth of Merry Maid cleaning services to cover the costs of cleaning your home for a year!). They’ll take care of all those other spring clean tasks that neither you nor I want to handle (ahem, toilets!).

So, now you are interested and want to hear all the details? To enter simply click on this link, fan the Hotmail page on Facebook and then submit a photo of your messy desk with a Hotmail logo somewhere in the photo. During the week of April 20th, we will post the top 5 messiest offices in America and have you, your friends, your grandmother and anyone you can think of vote for the worst of the worst.

Now, go sign up for the contest and remember if you make a mess of your home just for the pictures, you’ll still have to clean it up. Hotmail can only do so much.

For full rules and regulations, visit the application!

Kristina Libby is the newest member to join the Windows Experience Blog. Expect her to report on the fun, interesting things that happen at and with Windows products. She’ll outline interesting tidbits for students, Moms and more. Check back for contests, competitions, and hopefully, a bit of laughter.