Posts in Hotmail makes me love email again

By Brandon LeBlanc

Last week we announced that has over 25 million active This got me thinking about how much easier makes it for me to manage my email – so much in fact that I kind-of-sort-of love email I get a lot… Read more

10 years of Trustworthy Computing

By Brandon LeBlanc

10 years ago this week, Bill Gates sent this Trustworthy Computing (TwC) memo to all The memo called for the company to rethink its approach to products – putting security at the To capture the journey we’ve made in Trustworthy… Read more

4 Gifts for Father’s Day

By Kristina Libby

My Dad is He renovated my condo, he taught me how to chop down a tree and he loves Disney World even more than Walt Disney The thing about my Dad, though, is that he isn’t a gadget   He… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Windows Live Mesh

By Ben Rudolph

A few years back, if you worked with multiple PCs, like a desktop in your office and a laptop on the road, you ran into a hitch every time you moved back and forth between them – your stuff was… Read more

Hotmail Making People Happy

By Kristina Libby

When we planned the Hotmail Sweep contest, we didn’t realize how much it would mean to We were so touched with Teresa’s story, in her own words, that we wanted to Thanks again so much for this, you guys will… Read more

Hotmail Sweep Winner Announced

By Kristina Libby

Congratulations to Teresa Stump for winning the Hotmail Sweep Photo Contest! Teresa’s photo of her desk comes with a rather sad As a 10 year chronic pain sufferer, she is hindered in her ability to do many of the things… Read more

Switching from Yahoo! Mail to Hotmail

By Brandon LeBlanc

Why switch from Yahoo! Mail to Hotmail? There are lots of For example – if you email photos to friends and family, Hotmail lets you send them without clogging up your friends’ Hotmail uploads your photos to SkyDrive and lets… Read more

Calling all Tweeples!

By Kristina Libby

Have you been caught in a spring cleaning funk? No worries, Windows Live Hotmail is here to solve your problems and give you a few freebies along the Jen Singer of and Hotmail are hosting a Twitter Party on April… Read more