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April 26, 2011

Hotmail Sweep Winner Announced

Congratulations to Teresa Stump for winning the Hotmail Sweep Photo Contest! Teresa’s photo of her desk comes with a rather sad story. As a 10 year chronic pain sufferer, she is hindered in her ability to do many of the things she loves (like clean!).

I am an over 10 year chronic pain sufferer. I had a badly failed neck fusion (by a rather inept Dr) and then had to have 2 more surgeries a few years later to TRY and fix what the original Dr  (and I use the term Dr here loosely)did. My life is pretty much like my desk. Unorganized and UNDONE. My husband has to do all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. I have gone from an interesting, fun loving, neat freak…to this. I not only want to win…I NEED TO WIN.  Thanks for the opportunity to tell you my sob story.


We are thrilled to present one year of cleaning services to our grand prizewinner Teresa, as selected by the fans of the Windows Live Hotmail Facebook page! If your life seems a little undone and more than a bit cluttered, take a moment to clean up one thing you can control: your inbox. For tips and tricks refer to this post from Dr. Zasio of the hit television show Hoarders.