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April 1, 2011

Windows 7 Pro Upgrade for Students: Why Do It?

Are you still running Windows Vista? Have you been lusting after the sleeker, sexier Windows 7 Professional? Luckily for you it’s no longer a fantasy. Windows 7 Pro is designed to make new technology, including advances in digital media, hardware and devices, really shine. For a limited time only, college students can upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Pro for just $29.99 by going here. The only requirement is that you are a college student with a valid university ID.

So, why would you want to upgrade? Here are a few great reasons.

1. Get quicker access to all of your stuff by using Pin and Jump Lists to keep programs and files at your fingertips.

2. Build your research and presentations faster and easier using Snap to have 2 side-by-side screens that you can easily share information between.

3. Share files and printers among multiple PCs- from one Windows 7-based PC to another you can share files, music, photos and even printers across your home network.

4. Easily create and share movies and post them on YouTube or Facebook with ease.

As you think about installing Windows 7 Pro on your current PC, here are some things to think about.

Run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to ensure your PC can run Windows 7 or check the basic system requirements.

Understand your upgrade options. Installing Windows 7 on your current PC may be a complex process.

Upgrading without a DVD drive? We’ve got a solution for you.

Learn about compatibility. Use these tools to see if your devices and software are compatible.

32-bit or 64-bit? Learn about the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and decide which is right for you.

So, now go upgrade to Windows 7 and tell me what you think about the experience. Does it help you to be a better student?