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Arrange your Windows in a Snap

By Miron Vranjes

Windows 7 introduced Aero Snap as a way to effortlessly position windows on the desktop just the way you want You no longer had to frustratingly fiddle with the sizes and positions of windows just to get them into common… Read more

Popular apps come to Windows 8

By Steve Guggenheimer

Hey Steve Guggenheimer here, Chief Evangelist for Windows and your host for the Build conference next We’re only one week until Build and we’re really looking forward to getting together with developers in San Francisco to talk apps, code, industry… Read more

What is Snap in Windows 7?

By Kristina Libby

A few weeks ago, some of the great bloggers in our Windows Champions program asked for a bit of an explanation on Snap is one of those Windows 7 features that I personally use every single In fact, if pressed,… Read more

Windows 8 Previewed Today at BUILD

By Brandon LeBlanc

The keynote finished a few hours ago at BUILD where Steven Sinofsky and other members of his engineering leadership team shared a detailed preview of the next major Windows release codenamed “Windows 8” to the thousands of developers in attendance… Read more

A Productive Year Filled with Fun, Work, and Windows 7

By Kristina Libby

Garris Yeung is a graduating senior at UC Riverside majoring in Business Administration, concentrated in He has been a member of the Microsoft UCrew for the past In the future, he hopes to attain a real estate license and an… Read more

Windows 7 Pro Upgrade for Students: Why Do It?

By Kristina Libby

Are you still running Windows Vista? Have you been lusting after the sleeker, sexier Windows 7 Professional? Luckily for you it’s no longer a Windows 7 Pro is designed to make new technology, including advances in digital media, hardware and… Read more