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April 8, 2011

Samsung launches the 900x at Harrods in London

Last night I had the chance to attend Samsung’s UK launch of the 900x, the same groundbreaking, breathtaking, game-changing ultrathin that I covered in both the unboxing video that I shot in my office, and in the video tour of the Miami PC showcase

The 900x is a seriously impressive PC – it’s loaded with a 128GB SSD, 7 hours of battery life and a new Intel “Sandybridge” i5, and wrapped in an aircraft-grade Duralumin chassis that weighs less than 3lbs.  It’s one of the finest PCs I’ve ever had the chance to use, and Samsung did it’s beauty and brawn justice at last night’s launch.  Photos from the event at London’s iconic Harrods’ department store below.  Enjoy!


The 900x is crazy light (less than 3lbs), and super, super thin (less than .66” at it’s THICKEST point!)


The launch was co-sponsored by Samsung & Intel


Our DJ for the evening


The Samsung 900x, on display for the press. 


I LOVE that backlit keyboard!


As I noted in my video, the 900x is rocking a brand-new 2nd Generation Core i5 processor


Graham Long, Samsung UK’s IT Division Vice President, explains the 900x to guests


Lots of love given to Duralumin, the aircraft-grade aluminum that Samsung used in the 900x’s chassis.  The photos that lined the walls stuck to the aviation theme – these were taken by the famous British photographer Rankin.


The packed “Millionaire Gallery” (seriously, that’s what it’s called!) in Harrods.


Samsung European Marketing Manager Simona Baltateanu, Microsoft EMEA Samsung Partner Manager Ann Daly, and Samsung’s Head of Mobile Computing Dinesh Chand enjoying the evening.

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