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Best PCs for blogging (or working) on the go

By Ben Rudolph

If you’re a professional in any field you’ve probably had the join (pain?) of attending a conference or trade They’re a great place to learn, network and socialize, but they’re also hectic, harried, and It’s hard to stay productive on… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Windows Live Mesh

By Ben Rudolph

A few years back, if you worked with multiple PCs, like a desktop in your office and a laptop on the road, you ran into a hitch every time you moved back and forth between them – your stuff was… Read more

Announcing the Big Box of Awesome (Giveaway)

By Kristina Libby

So you already have a PC running Windows 7 because (let’s face it), you know that it’s the best way to express your individuality while also guaranteeing Sometimes, though it is not just about using a PC to be the… Read more

Samsung launches the 900x at Harrods in London

By Ben Rudolph

Last night I had the chance to attend Samsung’s UK launch of the 900x, the same groundbreaking, breathtaking, game-changing ultrathin that I covered in both the unboxing video that I shot in my office, and in the video tour of… Read more