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April 29, 2011

Announcing the Big Box of Awesome (Giveaway)

So you already have a PC running Windows 7 because (let’s face it), you know that it’s the best way to express your individuality while also guaranteeing success. Sometimes, though it is not just about using a PC to be the best mom, student, or business person you can be. Sometimes, it is about the really epic stuff that you can do with your PC. I’m talking about connections—from your PC, to your Xbox, to your TV. Lucky for you, I’ve got a way that you can stay connected with really beautiful cutting edge technology, while still being your best self— a new giveaway called the Big Box of Awesome.

It all starts with a brand new PC running Windows 7, because who doesn’t want the most cutting edge, sexy computer on the market? Last month, Ben the PC guy told you about the incredibly thin, light, and powerful Samsung 900X and it’s the cornerstone of this package. Find out more about the PC by watching this video.

We don’t want to stop though at a PC, so the prize package includes some other things, like a Samsung Focus Windows Phone, an Xbox 360 with Kinect, and a 46” Samsung LED TV!  Also in the box is a copy of Office 2010 Professional, 3 Kinect games, and a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Now you can stay connected and connect in more ways than ever before. So basically, you can make your best self even better.

Take a stab at winning the Big Box of Awesome by entering on The Microsoft Facebook Page by Monday, May 2. (Open to US residents only)