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June 20, 2011

5 Hot Videos from Young Filmmakers

The results of our Cannes video contest are in! We asked filmmakers from around the world to create a short film that showcases how a Windows 7 PC helps students stay on top of their studies and more. The ultimate prize? Over $21,000 in prizes, including a trip for 2 to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and MOFILM celebrations in France, a chance to meet Jesse Eisenberg (star of The Social Network), and $8,000 for the grand prize winner.

After much deliberation, we are happy to announce our 5 winners and their fun videos:

Grand Prize: Long Distance Relationship by Jamal Dedeaux and Rebecca Haze, United States

The Grand prize winning video by Jamal Dedeaux and Rebecca Haze titled, “Long Distance Relationship,” shows how a Windows 7 PC can help you stay close to the ones you love, maybe even too close…

Jamal has grown up loving filmmaking since shooting his first film at Morehouse College. Rebecca’s film roots stemmed from a creative family – her father starred in a lot of Roger Corman films and her mother is a costume designer for network television. Jamal and Rebecca told us a little more about the idea behind “Long Distance Relationship”:

For Long Distance Relationship we wanted to get across the true sentiments of a person who lives and dies by their laptop, but yet are not necessarily technical people. Rebecca came up with the brilliant concept of a guy and girl who are inseparable and carry out their relationship on their laptop computers. From there we just worked out the beats to make sure that we told a humorous concise love story.

You can check out more of Jamal and Rebecca’s work and contact them here.

2nd Prize: “Boxless” by Pete Herron, United States

Pete started making films in high school when he discovered filmmaking was much more fun than writing papers for class projects. A recent graduate of Tempe University’s Film and Media Arts program, Pete said the idea for “Boxless,” was simple. His team wanted to add a funny twist to the idea that everything you love can be found within your laptop. They contrast some of the ridiculous ways and things students pack for college with everything that comes with your Windows 7 PC. To get in touch with Pete, visit his website here.

3rd Prize: “Life with Windows” by Rob Miller, Douglisio DiMuccio and Jere Free, United States

Rob is currently a student at the Los Angeles Film School who got into filmmaking at a very young age because of an interest in acting. However, he soon realized that being behind the camera was much more fun. He started to make a documentary and several short films. His co-directors Douglisio and Jere have also been aspiring filmmakers since a very young age. To learn more and contact this talented team, visit here.

4th Prize: “Fold it Your Way” by Andreas Lewandowski and Bjorn Johansson, Sweden

Andreas and Bjorn studied graphic design, film, and animation in school and started their own company in Stockholm two years ago after graduating. After having a hard time finding American actors in Sweden, they decided to use their animation skills to tell a story. They wanted to give the spot a do-it-yourself feel with joyful bright colors, and that’s where the paper-craft idea of “Fold it Your Way” was born. You can contact them and learn more about their company here.

5th Prize: “Windows 7 – Try it as well” by Maria Federova, Russian Federation

Maria learned most of her video skills from her family and experimenting with different ideas. In her video, she shows how Windows 7 offers something new and interesting for each and every person, no matter how different they are. By focusing on the people versus the screen, she wanted to encourage people to try Windows 7 themselves. You can view more of her videos and contact her here.

Congratulations to our 5 winners and thank you for sharing your story! We are thrilled to see the great results of your innovative and creative thinking.