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By Ulrike Irmler

is the primary destination for all things Whether you want to buy a new tablet, download the newest version of Internet Explorer, explore desktop themes, learn how to do more with your PC, or get support, has the information you… Read more

One minute a day to pick up daily Windows tips

By Paul Donnelly

I’ve said before how it’s great to get to work with enthusiastic people who know tons about Recently I heard about one of those people sharing some great tips with everyone else in a really clever   Michel Martin has… Read more

5 Hot Videos from Young Filmmakers

By Kristina Libby

The results of our Cannes video contest are in! We asked filmmakers from around the world to create a short film that showcases how a Windows 7 PC helps students stay on top of their studies and The ultimate prize?… Read more

The Beauty of Photo Mail in Windows Live Hotmail

By Lisa Worthington

If you haven’t already started to use the new Windows Live Hotmail, you may be missing out on some surprising and very cool One of my favorite features makes sending photos over email easier and classier than The outstanding thing… Read more

My thoughts on the new Windows Live Essentials

By Brandon LeBlanc

Just like I did with the new Hotmail, I thought in spirit of us releasing the new Windows Live Essentials Beta today that I would offer some thoughts on how I’m using the new Windows Live Let me first talk… Read more