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New to Windows 10? Check out ‘Simply Windows’ videos to get up to speed

Written By published February 24, 2020

If you’re new to Windows 10 or want to learn more about how to get the most out of it, there’s now a video series to help you get up to speed on using it: “Simply Windows.”

The first five episodes are now available on a playlist, with more to follow in the coming weeks.

Writers serve as friendly hosts to walk you through tasks like finding your files, getting apps from the Microsoft Store and signing in with a Microsoft account. Writers at Microsoft help bring the voice of customers directly into its products – from the words you see in your software and hardware, to learning content that helps you improve your skills, to support content when you run into a problem. Their goal is to make technology easier to use and understand. Writers regularly listen to customers who share their technology wins and troubles. They then take this feedback and incorporate it in their work to improve products and experiences.

Putting the videos on YouTube goes to where users are already searching for help, says Tanya Grant, a writer on Microsoft’s Content Experience team in Customer Success Engineering (CSE) team who helped conceive the idea with teammate Seoyoung Kim.

“It’s a mobile-friendly world and we know it’s a big channel for folks looking for how-to videos on all kinds of topics,” she says.

Each “Simply Windows” video is on the short side – about 2-3 minutes – and focused on helping people make a quick transition to Windows 10.

The on-camera guides for the videos include Amy Keeney, David Eitelbach, Trish Winter-Hunt, Jackie Tidwell, Maxx Ramos, Doug Thomas and Grant. (Thomas and Grant also script each episode.) Some of them appear in two episodes. Genevieve Alvarez, who works for the Video team, co-directs with Thomas. She also shoots and edits the videos.

For most of these writers, it’s the first time they’ve appeared on-air. And since this series is extra work for most involved, “This project better be fun to make,” jokes Thomas, who has infused the series with casual quips that make it easily digestible to a general audience. “It’s another tool in the tool belt for the writers,” who must memorize lines and be subjected to on-air make-up, which is not a normal part of their routine.

Other topics in the current playlist include how to personalize settings (dark mode, picture in background, themes and colors) and Windows updates.

Head over to the Windows YouTube channel to check them out.