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October 4, 2010

The Beauty of Photo Mail in Windows Live Hotmail

If you haven’t already started to use the new Windows Live Hotmail, you may be missing out on some surprising and very cool features. One of my favorite features makes sending photos over email easier and classier than ever. The outstanding thing about Photo Mail is that it uses SkyDrive to store large photos and videos, which eliminates the need to attach files. Visuals of your photos are simply pulled from SkyDrive to provide a nice image in mail, though users are automatically directed to SkyDrive to view the full files. For anyone who sends photos frequently in mail, this will allow you to showcase a great looking set of photos for others to enjoy without clogging inboxes.

My 3 year old daughter Lil started to pick up photography as a creative interest while on a recent trip to Hawaii. I, somewhat hesitantly, let her borrow my camera to take some pictures and loved the results so much that I had to take a proud mommy moment and share them with all our family and friends. Using my Hotmail account, I simply clicked on “Photo Mail” and uploaded my favorite pictures from Lil. Here’s an example of the photo mail I produced – again, simple, clean and just 125 KB to send this album of 8 photos.


To get this particular view, I opened up my Hotmail account within Windows Live Mail, which provides several options for how you want to format your album in mail. And you can literally send hundreds of photos per mail – no matter what the image size – allowing you to showcase photo slideshows or video directly within your email. To test this, I also sent an album of over 100 photos from a friend’s 40th birthday party to all our friends. While I can’t show you all the pictures due to privacy, the email was only 47 KB!

To read more about the new Windows Live Hotmail and download it, go here.