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June 24, 2011

Tech Makeover Contest Winner Announced!

The multitude of ways in which an individual or family incorporates a Windows PC into their daily lives varies from family to family and place to place – it is truly a multi-purpose, every day, everywhere companion for many of us (me included). Nowhere did this become more evident than in our recently completed Windows Tech Makeover contest on Facebook. Most entrants had one PC for 3 or more (sometimes up to 8) family members. People used their WIndows PC to study, to read, to play games, or to connect with family across the world. In a few instances, the PC also ran a family business.

The map below shows all the locations from which people entered the contest:


The state with the most entries was California while the least number of people came from Alaska and Wyoming. However, Houston was the city with the most entries. Funny how that works, huh? The coolest thing about the contest though, was the amount of times the word family was used – over 170! No matter where Windows PC users are, it appears they are thinking about more than just themselves.

Our Tech Makeover Contest winner hails from Tuscan, Arizona where his family uses one PC for everything. He studies for his classes at the University of Arizona, his brother does homework (and a bit of time gaming) and his mom completes assignments for her GED. As a family, they use their Windows PC to keep in touch with distant relatives and to watch online videos. Jose Aguilar didn’t just enter this contest for himself. In a selfless act, he nominated his entire family. Knowing that a home design would be the ultimate gift to a family who has sacrificed everything to support him financially and emotionally on the way to a better future, he wrote a glowing essay and encouraged his friends on Facebook to send in their votes.


Jose and family will be receiving a custom room design from television personality and designer Vern Yip and over $13000 in technology improvements to the space. To see the room design come to life, check for photos with the full reveal video live in mid-July.

What do you think Vern Yip will do?

Find out more about the contest and see the Official Rules here.