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July 8, 2011

New Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK Coming Next Week!

Yesterday the Microsoft Surface Team announced that next week they will be releasing the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK and other tools for developers to start developing Surface applications for the next generation Surface device – the Samsung SUR40. Starting on July 12th, the SDK will be available for download free to anyone who wants to start developing new Surface applications from the Microsoft Download Center (have you seen the new Microsoft Download Center by the way?).

Back at CES earlier this year, Mike Angiulo (Corporate Vice President of Windows Planning, Hardware, and PC Ecosystem) lifted the covers off of Microsoft Surface 2.0 during the keynote. Mike showed off the Samsung SUR40 which is a 4-inch thick 40-inch HD LCD screen with a Windows 7 PC built in. It can be used as a table or mounted to a wall.

One other cool thing about the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK worth taking note of is that you can use it target apps for both Microsoft Surface hardware and Windows 7 touch-enabled PCs too!

For more on the new Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK, I suggest reading this blog post from Luis Cabrera-Cordón who is a Platform Program Manager on the Microsoft Surface Team.

Now I’m off to see whose car (or cars) I need to wash to get myself a Samsung SUR40!