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Kinect for Windows SDK Update Released

By Gavin Gear

If you’ve been waiting for the updated Kinect for Windows release, I have good news for Today, the updated Kinect for Windows SDK and Kinect for Windows toolkit were released, and are available for public download! Since I started developing… Read more

Commercial release of Kinect for Windows hits Feb. 1st

By Brandon LeBlanc

The sales for Kinect for the Xbox 360 have been amazing with 18 million sold this last The end result has been countless hours of incredible fun with family and friends dancing and playing sports in the confines of their… Read more

New Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK Coming Next Week!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday the Microsoft Surface Team announced that next week they will be releasing the Microsoft Surface SDK and other tools for developers to start developing Surface applications for the next generation Surface device – the Samsung Starting on July 12th,… Read more

Beta for Kinect for Windows SDK Now Available!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today we are making available the beta for the Kinect for Windows Those of you who have been waiting in anticipation for this can download it here! The SDK includes device drivers for Kinect as well as APIs, device interfaces,… Read more

Kinect + Windows: New & Amazing Experiences through NUI

By Brandon LeBlanc

Steve Clayton today has posted today on the Official Microsoft Blog about bringing Kinect to Windows with a SDK that will be available later this He talks about how we believe this SDK will enable developers in the academic research… Read more

Kinect for Windows SDK Announced

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today on the Corporate Microsoft Blog, we announced that the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) will be hitting this spring for This SDK will give academic researchers and enthusiasts access to There has been a lot of interest… Read more