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August 26, 2011

The Weekly Wrap: MegaRamp and Me, a smartphone sprinkler, a new Windows Phone challenge

A quick look at the world of Windows Phone this past week.


A phone fit for MegaRamp

It’s Windows Phone vs. MegaRamp in the latest installment of the Windows Phone Me video series. Since its debut in 2004, MegaRamp has transformed both skateboarding and BMX events, sending top athletes skyborne on its monster 90-foot ramp. This video provides a deeper look into the MegaRamp event team and top skater Jake Brown. It also spotlights how these daredevil dudes use their Windows Phones to film and critique skaters, and update and share Word documents, schedules, and scorecards in real time.

Tips & tricks: Must-know Settings tweaks

This is for anyone trying to get a jump start on using their new Windows Phone. The folks over at Device Mag have some handy tips and tricks for tweaking the settings on your phone. Knowing what options you can customize is a vital part of making sure you’re getting the most out of your phone, so take a minute to read it here.

Windows Phone sprinkler system 
One for the Make crowd. When I saw Windows Phone for the first time, I can’t say I expected it to do my gardening. But DIY-er Mike Linnen created a way to manually control his sprinkler system with it. His system also pays attention to weather forecasts: if the chance of rain is over 39%, it cancels all sprinkler activity for the day to save water. I know that if I were to build one here in the drizzly Pacific Northwest, my phone wouldn’t get much of a workout. Here’s how he did it: Part 1|Part 2.

Round up: Hot apps

Looking for some hot apps to download? Then you’ll want to check out Microsoft’s ever-entertaining Laura Foy and her weekly Windows Phone app show “Hot Apps.” Watch the latest episode. Looking for even more ? Check out PocketNow’s weekly roll up below.

And finally…

So Dilbert ended up loving Windows Phone, but CNET’s Molly Wood had mixed feelings. That makes it 1-1 in the Windows Phone Challenge. But now a new challenger has stepped up. Looks like NBA star Blake Griffin is ready to give Windows Phone a try. Our very own Brandon Watson recently tweeted at Griffin with an invitation to the challenge, which he accepted. Think he’ll be joining the Windows Phone family soon?